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Laser Marking

Laser Engraving & Marking Machine Deep laser Engraving


Laser Marking Processes :

Laser marking uses the highly concentrated energy from a very parallel beam of light, focused to a microscopic spot, which is moved over the marking area to create a variety of images on a wide range of materials – very much like writing with a pen on paper.
The legibility of marks made by lasers is achieved through a colour contrast between the mark and the base material. This contrast is a function of one of several processes including; engraving, thermo-chemical reaction, annealing and ablation :

Advantages of laser marking:
Indelible: Permanently modifies surface composition of material Laser Marking

Fast: Marking at up to 1000 characters per second
Clean and safe: No inks, acids or solvents
Wide range of materials: Metals, plastics, rubber, etc.
Flexible: Text, graphics, logos, bar codes, etc.
User-friendly: Software driven
No tooling to wear: No direct physical contact with the work piece
Cost effective: Virtually no consumables

Laser marking enhances the esthetical & monetary value of products by making it more attractive, truly eye catching & easily visible that thus ensures its high  market penetration.

Laser marking solution being contact free & tamper proof withstanding to abrading, scuffing & corrosion, it provides efficient method in counterfeit & forgery prevention, product tracking & identification and so on.

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